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Gift Cards
Gift cards are a great way to show the people you care about how much they mean. Gift cards can be used for movie ticket purchases and any concession item, and they never expire! Starting May 15, 2015 purchase a $25 gift card and get a coupon for a FREE large popcorn.**
To purchase your gift card, visit our Guest Services window or purchase below!

* * Coupon valid 6/22/15 until 7/2/15.
* * One coupon for every $25 increment Purchased.
* A minimum purchase of $10 is required
* Orders placed by noon CST will receive same-day processing.
* PO Boxes not accepted


Royal Tickets
A great way to reward employees and clients! Royal Tickets can be used as a performance incentive, a company benefit (by selling them to employees at cost), or simply a way to celebrate a special occasion. Royal Tickets come in books of 50 and cost $7.00 per ticket. Click the button below to fill out the order form and purchase your tickets.
* Orders placed by noon CST will receive same-day processing.
* Royal Tickets are valid one year from date of purchase
* Certain restrictions apply to ticket use

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